Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Getting Yourself Back

If your identity gets stolen your security feels shaken, and that’s not the only hard part. Getting your life and credit back together takes an abundance of time, it’s strenuous and costly. Identity Theft is a white-collar crime that is rapidly growing in America. All a thief needs is your date of birth, name, and social security number. With that, they can get anything, from a loan, to a credit card, an insurance policy, etc. Noltensmeyer Insurance Services has a cost-effective and uncomplicated way to provide safety, from this threat that is rapidly increasing, for you as well as your family. When you add Identity coverage to your preexisting Condos, Renters or Homeowners Insurance, you will have priceless assistance with covering the cost of mending your identity. Here are some cost that are covered when you have an identity theft policy:

  • Cost of Executing Affidavits
  • Attorney Fees
  • Cost of Long Distance Phone Calls
  • Cost of Certified Mail
  • Loan Re-Application Fees
  • Reimbursement for Lost Income

The Security Of Your Identity Is Important To Us. Noltensmeyer Insurance Services will assist you in putting your finances back together. Along with that, we offer some of the greatest services. With us, you’ll always have a qualified expert one call away, ready to assist you. Our identity fraud professionals are ready to help you evaluate your circumstance and move to:

  • Assist in replacing all valuable documents like your driver’s license, passport or social security card
  • Stop further damage to your credit by contacting major credit bureaus
  • Provide emergency cash if theft occurs while you’re away from your home*
  • Make all required phone calls to banks, creditors, and agencies you do business with

Getting your identity taken from you is hard. Restoring what was stolen shouldn’t be. To learn how Identity Theft coverage can save costs, time and a lot of hurt, get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get A Quote’ button at the bottom of the page for more information.