Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Here at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we understand that your home is a large financial investment, which is why we offer home insurance. Having the right amount of coverage for your home is incredibly important. Without it, if an accident or disaster were to occur, you could be left without the proper funds to fix it, possibly putting you out on the streets.

Noltensmeyer Insurance is here to offer you home insurance when you need it most. We strive to provide insurance options that are the best on the market, but at an affordable cost. Get in contact with us and we’ll create a personalized policy that suits you so that you can have peace of mind regarding the safety of your home.



Property Insurance

Protect Your Greatest Investment

The biggest and most meaningful investment that a large majority of people will ever make in their lifetime is their home. A person’s home is meaningful in ways that extend beyond just the financial investment. There’s a wide variety of home insurance options available to help you protect your personal property, no matter what misfortunes may befall you. Our property insurance policies may protect you from damages from:

  • Vandalism
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Windstorms
  • Hail
  • Freezing Conditions/Snow
  • Vehicle/Aircraft Collisions
  • Fire and lightning
  • Sewer/drain backup
  • Smoke

Additional Property Insurance Options

As mentioned before, property insurance options vary considerably from policy to policy, which means there are a tremendous amount of customization options to make sure you have the right protection for your needs.

For example, standard homeowners insurance policies may not offer options such flood or earthquake insurance or personal property insurance. Personal property insurance can pay the actual cash value or replacement cost of personal items such as furniture, appliances, and clothing in the event of an accident or theft. This policy may also include policies such as the builder’s risk policy to insure your home from damages during construction.

Additionally, dwelling replacement coverage is important for replacing your home in the event that your home is left a “total loss” from an accident. This option will allow your home to be replaced at its current value.

Not everyone needs all of these options, and some people may not need any of them, so it’s important that you discuss your specific case with an insurance specialist from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services. We’re here to make sure you get the right coverage for your needs.

Homeowners Liability

Protect all of your Assets

Even at your own home, you’re not safe from potential litigation. A person that sustains injuries on your property could hold you responsible, which leaves your house, finances, and other valuables vulnerable as a means of compensating the injured.

A homeowner’s liability policy will help you manage these risks and give you peace of mind on your own property. With this policy, you’ll be covered in the event of injury or death on your property, so you don’t have to worry about being potentially ruined due to events beyond your control. More specifically, this policy will protect you in the following instances:

  • Liability defense costs
  • Claims for injury
  • Claims for property damage
  • Medical expenses for injuries

Consult with an insurance specialist from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services today to ensure that you’re adequately protected from these circumstances. Don’t let one bad event ruin your life – contact us using the “Get a Quote” button on this page today.



Renters Insurance

Belongings Hold Memories. Make Sure They’re Safe

When renting a home, most people skip out on insuring their belongings. This can end up being a tragic decision in the occurrence of theft, fire, vandalism, and other damaging events.

Though, with Renters Insurance, you’ll be covered in the event of a raw deal. Here at Noltensmeyer Insurance, we offer an affordable option to insure your valuables in the misfortune of an accident or theft.

We offer two types of policies: Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Cost. Under the ACV policy, your belongings will be covered to the extent of their current worth. Alternatively, with Replacement Cost, the insurance will pay the full expense of replacing the items with new ones.

Additional Insurance Options

Liability coverage is bundled into renters insurance too, meaning that you’re covered for injuries that happen in your house. This can help you avoid having the pay the cost of expensive medical bills in the event of an accident.

Renters insurance varies, so you should get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or the use ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information!

Condo Insurance

Everyone Needs Insurance

Like all property owners, condo owners should look into insurance policies tailored specifically towards their needs to ensure that they have the right coverage for their needs. When it comes to home insurance, condos are different from apartments or homes, so they require a different kind of insurance.

While your condo community may offer coverage as part of your membership, it might not cover everything you need. Condo insurance from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services will supplement your current coverage so that you’re protected beyond the basics that are already provided to you. Our policy will help you replace personal belongings and offers basic liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage. Additionally, condo insurance can be used to pay for the expenses related to fixing damage done in your condo.

Condo insurance can also include other coverage options such as guest medical protection or additional living expenses coverage which will provide you with temporary housing if your condo is ever out of commission due to some disastrous event. An insurance specialist at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services can help you find the coverage options you need at a competitive price.