Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance

What’s Covered

We know the importance of keeping our vehicles insured… However sometimes we forget that our car insurance doesn’t always extend past the bumper to whatever type of trailer you’re towing, this is why there’s trailer insurance, to bridge this gap.

When you’re a driver, you want to make sure you keep your vehicle and passengers safe. You can only do so much to stop a collision from occurring, if you have the right coverage plan, you can make sure you won’t be left paying out of pocket if something were to happen.

Trailers Covered By Insurance

The majority of trailers can be insured, no matter what they’re being used for. There are exceptions for that, but they are rare, it is usually just trailers that are too “high-risk” to insure. If you aren’t sure if your trailer is qualified for coverage, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today and ask for more information!

These are the trailer types that can usually be covered:

  • Bicycle trailers
  • Boat trailers
  • Camping trailers
  • Car trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Semi-trailers
  • And a lot more!!

What’s Covered

The majority of trailer insurance includes but doesn’t require, the following:

  • Collision Coverage: If your trailer gets damaged during a collision, this policy will help you cover the cost of repairs (no matter if you’re at fault or not).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This is the part of trailer insurance that deals with damages to your trailer. This covers many different damages from different things, such as severe weather, water damage, fire, and vandalism are some of the most common uses for this type of coverage.
  • Contents Coverage: If your trailer is used for carrying and storing personal items, this policy can assist replacing them if they were to get damaged, stolen, or destroyed. For massive shipments you might want to take into consideration cargo or freight insurance.
  • Liability Coverage: This kind of insurance covers the costs related to bodily injury or property damage done to others. Your current liability coverage may not extend to your trailer.. If it doesn’t you will have to separately purchase this or add it to your main coverage.

Please note that trailer insurance isn’t the same as commercial trailer insurance, that is is designed for vehicles being used for business purposes and covers a different list of liabilities.

If you need insurance for your trailer, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today to figure out what exactly you need. We’re ready to help you!