Technology Insurance

Technology Insurance

Cyber Liability, Property Insurance, and More

In today’s day and age, technology is the center of almost all modern industries, just like many growth areas, it faces particular risks. If you’re a large IT corporation or even a small business using just one computer, technology insurance can help you mitigate the risks and allow you to run your business with the utmost confidence. These are the things you need to know about this kind of coverage.

To start off, there isn’t one policy for all technology. Since the way technology is used throughout companies is very different, the risks are different as well. If there was just one policy for all technology, it would cost a lot more than you need. To keep it cost effective for you, we focus on the needs of your company and find a solution that fits what you need, so the cost can stay low and you can still have the protection you need.

To find out what kind of technology insurance you need, you need to talk to an agent so they can accurately find a solution for you. Here are some things to think about before you get on the phone with us:

  • Are you a user or a creator? Companies with users have to understand the possibility of their technological services shutting down without notice or being limited, while the companies that create software or technology are susceptible to lawsuits over the use of intellectual property.
  • How critical is technology to your operations? There are some businesses that could manage for days without a computer, and then there are some that the inability to use computers means they couldn’t do business, at all. If you are dependent on the use of technology, you should have enough coverage to replace the whole system if something were to go horribly wrong.
  • What kind of technology do you have? A lot of businesses these days are using a cloud-based system that could (but not in all situations) have insurance of its own to deal with technical problems due to the software. There are other business that manage with one computer for the whole company, Letting us know what kinds of technology you use will help us find you the right plan for your business.

There isn’t a way to 100% avoid risks when you use technology, but there is insurance to get the risks down to a totally manageable level.