Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

What’s Covered

Even though a product leaves your business to get shipped and you have no control of what happens to it in transportation, customers could still hold you liable for anything that goes wrong in transportation. Luckily there is shipping insurance to cover you if something were to go wrong.

What’s Covered?

This kind of insurance can reimburse you if something you shipped is lost, damaged or stolen while it’s making its way to it’s destination. If you are looking to ship a package, these were two big things you need to consider:

  • How much is it worth? A lot of shipping coverage has a pretty low maximum of what they’ll pay out. If you are shipping items that are have more value that what your cap is, you will want to purchase additional coverage so you won’t suffer loss for items that are worth more than your cap. If you choose to not declare the price of the item when it is shipped, you will still remain liable for the loss past the standard limit.
  • Is it already protected? There are a lot of packages that insured by the shipping company, but coverage isn’t universal and and is dependant on what kind of mail it is and who transports the package. When you’re shipping a package, you should familiarize yourself with the regulations of the company  you will be using to ship your items.

Domestic Shipping Insurance

Domestic shipping coverage is usually available for a low cost, for just a few dollars a package. If you are going to ship anything that surpasses what the standard protection that is normally provided, talk to one of our agents about how many parcels you’ll be shipping and they will help you find the rate that is what you need.

International Shipping Insurance

If a shipment is being mailed internationally, it is usually more expensive to insure, moreover if they’re passing through the hands of local carriers that don’t have as high of a reputation. Fees can vary quite drastically, due to many factors, it would be the most beneficial for you to get an estimate of cost before you ship the package.

If you have any questions or are ready to get the right insurance for your needs, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today!