Commercial General Liability

Commercial General Liability

Insurance To Protect Your Business

Business operation isn’t easy. In fact, a magnitude of risk comes with it. Things like the safety of employees, products, revenue, and more all have to be taken care of with great care as not to disturb the financial stability of your business. When it comes to these things, it’s a lot to handle, especially when other business related tasks need to be handled. That’s why we offer commercial general liability insurance. We want to give you ease of mind while working, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks. Our commercial general liability insurance is designed to protect you from risks such as lawsuits, where it can cover damages in the areas of things such as bodily injury, damage, and others. Currently, we offer coverage in the following areas:

  • Casualty Coverage
  • Premises Liability
  • Premises Medical
  • Product and Completed Operations
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Garagekeepers Liability

Other Types of Commercial Liability

  • Foreign Liability insurers employees who are traveling for business related purposes and find themselves in a situation regarding injuries, lawsuits, or damages.
  • Liquor Liability covers your business from injury or damages that are the result of serving liquor.
  • Concession Liability protects you from accidents, damage, or certain types of injuries.

Commercial general liability is specific, which is why you should get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information.