Coverage For Your Business

Coverage for Your Business


We know that you’re dedicated to growing your business and increasing profits. Here at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we provide all different types of insurance for your business to make sure that you can focus on the important things and don’t have to worry about an accident causing massive financial damage to your business. Get in contact with us so we can help get you a personalized policy!




The Bonds and Licensing Your Business Needs

Like all financial investments, being a business owner comes with risks. At Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we strive to ensure that your business is as protected from these risks as possible. One way we do this is through the issuing of bonds.


Noltensmeyer Insurance Services and our insurance specialists are here to help you navigate the daunting field of bonds. There are many types to choose from and each type is suitable for different businesses, which is why it’s important to consult an insurance professional. Our services also include licensing and permit services so that your business may run according to the law.


Among our offered services are:


  • Court bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Public Officials
  • Surety Bonds
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Conservator Bonds
  • ERISA Bonds
  • Contractor’s Bonds
  • Fiduciary Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Sub-division Bonds


If your business requires bond or licensing services in our  serviced areas, contact us today to speak with a specialist that can ensure your business has the proper coverage it needs.

Business Catastrophe Insurance

Business Catastrophe Insurance Features

Business catastrophe insurance is another layer of coverage that far surpasses what standard business policies have in most small and medium sized companies. When you’re a business owner, you have to be sure that your investments are safe from unforeseen disasters. Having your hard work destroyed by theft, fire, or anything else harmful, would be devastating. Although, all policies have their limits, and if the damage that occurred to your business surpassed what your coveraged covers, you’ll have to pay for the rest yourself.

Business catastrophe insurance is offered to help prevent you from having to pay the massive cost of catastrophic loss. If you surpass the standard limits of and the claim is for an eligible event, this coverage will provide another layer of protection and reduce or even eliminate the part of the claim you’d have to pay out of pocket for. These are a few important things to be aware of in this policy:


  • Business catastrophe insurance covers cost proportional the type of business and indemnity periods.  A lot of companies buy this policy and get a minimum of a million dollars in coverage, so they can be sure that they have the protection they need if something were to go horribly wrong. Sometimes these extreme situations can occur because of the nature of the business, or because of a natural disaster or just a total accident. A Noltensmeyer Insurance Services agent can help you figure out what amount and length of coverage you need.



  • This coverage could protect you from things that a standard policy cannot. Although, the specifics of your plan depend on what kind you get, business catastrophe insurance is normally offered like an umbrella policy that can cover pretty much anything that could occur.



  • This should be the last resort, definitely not the first. If a claim is under what is covered by your normal policy, the business catastrophe will not be used. The main purpose of that policy is to protect you against very large claims, just in case something were to go really wrong and you need more protection.



Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information.

Business Owners Policy

Combined Coverage For Your Benefit.

We cater to small and medium sized business, ensuring that they’re covered when they need to be. Because of this, we combined all sorts of different policy options into a single package to make it easier for you. It’s a “more for less” kind of idea, i.e., you’re getting more coverage at a smaller cost.

We allow you to customize your insurance policy based on exactly what you need, that way you don’t have to pay incredibly high rates, and you’re covered in the areas that you need for the amount you need.

The most common options that we offer are the following:

  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Premises Liability
  • Premises Medical
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Business Income Insurance
  • Building and Personal Property Protection
  • On-Site Equipment Insurance
  • Coverage for Inventory Loss
  • Crime Insurance

These types of policies only apply to certain business which have certain levels of things like operation, risk, and other factors. Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect Your Drivers, Vehicles, Products, and More.

A lot of business require transportation of products, employees, and more, which is why we offer commercial auto insurance. Whether it’s a delivery over a long distance, or a small trip, there’s a risk of damage to drivers, vehicles, and products.

The risk of driving should be protected with a policy that protects the money that you’ve worked hard to earn. Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services to create a personalized policy that works best for you.

Currently, we offer policy options such as:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage
  • GAP Coverage
  • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

We also offer other options such as Bailee Coverage, which insures property loss or damage while it's in the possession of your company. All of these options vary, and it’s important to know when you’re covered. Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button this page for more information!

Commercial General Liability

Insurance To Protect Your Business.

Business operation isn’t easy. In fact, a magnitude of risk comes with it. Things like the safety of employees, products, revenue, and more all have to be taken care of with great care as not to disturb the financial stability of your business. When it comes to these things, it’s a lot to handle, especially when other business related tasks need to be handled. That’s why we offer commercial general liability insurance. We want to give you ease of mind while working, allowing you to focus on the more important tasks.

Our commercial general liability insurance is designed to protect you from risks such as lawsuits, where it can cover damages in the areas of things such as bodily injury, damage, and others. Currently, we offer coverage in the following areas:

  • Casualty Coverage
  • Premises Liability
  • Premises Medical
  • Product and Completed Operations
  • Fire Legal Liability
  • Garagekeepers Liability

Other Types of Commercial Liability

  • Foreign Liability insurers employees who are traveling for business related purposes and find themselves in a situation regarding injuries, lawsuits, or damages.
  • Liquor Liability covers your business from injury or damages that are the result of serving liquor.
  • Concession Liability protects you from accidents, damage, or certain types of injuries.

Commercial general liability is specific, which is why you should get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information.

Commercial Property Insurance

Protect Your Business.

As a business owner, we know that you put time and effort into growing and maintaining your business. That’s exactly why we offer commercial property insurance. After all the hard work you put into your business, keeping it protected with insurance can be the difference between smooth sailing, and a simple accident which can cause extreme damage.

Here at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we offer personalized commercial property insurance policies to make sure that your building and property within is safe from something that could cause large financial harm. We currently offer insurance on the following items:

  • Business building
  • Interior items, e.g., furniture, computers, etc
  • Outdoor signs for your business
  • Inventory

Another common type of insurance for most business owners is builder’s risk insurance. Builder’s risk covers things like equipment from possible damages that occur in events such as construction.

Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services to learn more, or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page!

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Get The Right Kind of Protection.

Ensuring that you have stable financial security is important as a business owner. A great way to do this is by having the right kind, and proper amount of insurance. You may have insurance currently, but it might not be enough to cover you in the even of a disaster.

Commercial umbrella insurance can cover your business in situations such as lawsuits or when an accident that your current General, Auto, or other policy doesn’t cover. It also insures accidents that occur outside of the area of your other policies.

What Commercial Umbrella Insurance Covers

Commercial umbrella insurance helps when lawsuits, which are caused by accidents on the property of your business, put your business’s financial security at risk. We cover incidents such as the following:

  • Accidents involving business vehicles
  • A violation of employment practices
  • Fire damage inside your building which damages other’s property
  • If a product of yours causes injury.
  • Slander or invasion of privacy
  • Falls on your property that result in injury

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Accidents can happen at any time, after all, they’re accidents. Often, these accidents, when in the business setting, can cause major financial damage. Get in contact with someone at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services to find out how much coverage you’ll need, or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information.  

Crime Insurance

Specialty Coverage for Dishonesty in the Workplace.

In the business industry, almost no one is safe from crime. Ranging from simple losses to damage caused by dishonest employees, it falls on you to make sure that you’re protected.

This is exactly why Noltensmeyer Insurance Services help you to create personalized policies that are tailored to what you need. General policies that are often offered can only cover too little or too much. Currently, we give options in the areas of:

  • Computer Fraud
  • Burglary
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Forgery
  • Robbery
  • Theft of Property

Make sure you have the right amount of coverage so that you don’t find yourself at a loss when something isn’t covered. Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information!

Equipment Insurance

Equipment Insurance Features

If you run a business, there’s a high possibility that you use many different types of equipment to do your job. Often times, this equipment is essential to the task at hand. If it were to be damaged and rendered unusable, you could be left without the equipment you need.

If your equipment breaks down, an employee causes a significant accident, or even if a power supply in a computer goes out leaving it inoperable, equipment insurance helps replace it so that you can get back to the more important things, i.e., increasing profits and growing your business.

The right amount of coverage in this situations is extremely important, so make sure that you’re not under or over insured. Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services today or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Accidents are easy to make, after all, they’re unintentional. An accident involving an error or an omission in works such as business records, accounting, etc, can cause extreme financial damage, especially if it’s a significant error.

You shouldn’t have to worry about small things like a single number or decimal place in your accounting. That’s why we offer errors and omissions insurance. Get the coverage you need so that you can stop worrying about accidents that negatively affect your business and get back to increasing profits and growing your business.

Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage

We offer a wide variety of policies and options for errors and omissions insurance so that you can get the specific coverage that you need. Currently, we offer options in the following areas:

  • Claims and Damages - If a claim is made against you that costs your business, errors and omissions insurance will cover the payouts.
  • Defense Costs - Lawsuits are becoming more and more common, and protection against the large cost that is legal defense can be the financial downfall of some businesses. Even if you don’t win the case, errors and omissions insurance can cover the defense costs that you need.
  • Employee - In some circumstances, you could be held responsible for the actions of your employees. In one of these instances, errors and omissions insurance can cover it.
  • Negligence - This is one of the most common and important types of errors and omissions insurance. If you have an accident regarding the negligence of you or an employee, it could be covered with this type of policy.

Different types of errors and omissions insurance cover different things, which is why you should get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page to get more information.

Extortion Insurance

Extortion Insurance Policy Features.

Influential or successful people find themselves in the public eye rather often, more often than the average person. Sometimes individuals can attract criminals that want to exploit others for their personal benefit. There are some people who will resort to just complete extortion, either by attempting to leverage sensitive information or threatening to harm you and your family to convince you to comply with their demands.

Extortion insurance will help you meet the demands of threats and avoid the chance that someone acts on their threat. You’ll have the accessibility to talk to experts that can help you figure out if a threat is genuine or not. If it isn’t a legitimate threat, you may not have to pay anything at all, and have the comfort of knowing your safety is secure.

Extortion Insurance is apart from ransom insurance, even though the two of them are often bundled together. The main difference of these types of coverage is that ransom insurance requires an actual kidnapping to have occurred and extortion insurance is there to deal with threats to expose, kidnap, or harm someone covered by a policy.

Fidelity Bonds Insurance

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services can provide a fidelity bond that can indemnify your company if you were to experience theft. The coverage options we extend range from the protection of nonprofits, to professional organizations and businesses. If you get the right fidelity bond, you can completely cover your assets, including your personal belongings, supplies, computer equipment, money, and a lot more. Your organization or business are also able to cover the volunteers or employees.

Types of Fidelity Bonds

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services’ options for Fidelity Bonds include:

  • Business Service Bonds - this protects you from theft of a customer’s property on their premises because of an employee’s reckless actions.
  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds - this covers fraudulent acts that were committed by an employee on the property of your business. This includes theft and other violations.
  • ERISA Bonds - This would cover any claims that involve any violation of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This covers a wide range of situations from failure to enroll employees to imprudent investments.


Even though there are more options available, it’s very important to express the needs of your business to a licensed professional to determine what type of coverage is right for you. Noltensmeyer Insurance Services is ready to provide you the correct protection plan to keep your assets safe.  

Inland Marine Insurance

Protection for Your Valuables Stored Off-site.

As a business, you most likely work with equipment and or products. Inland marine insurance covers the damages that either of these things obtain whether it’s from things like theft, or just simple damages to either.

This type of insurance can be essential to some businesses, why is why we here at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services offer different options, such as:

  • Artwork
  • Buildings under construction
  • Computer date
  • Computer equipment
  • Transported property

Why You Should Have Inland Marine Insurance

Accidents can happen to anyone, after all, they’re not intentional. This is why we offer this type of insurance. Protection from the possible financial loss of damages, theft, etc can be the difference between total financial destruction and simply being reimbursed for incidents for some.

This type of coverage varies based on different variables, which is why you should contact someone at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information.

Kidnapping Insurance

Features of Kidnapping Insurance Policies

There are parts of the world that being kidnapped and held for ransom is a possibility. Even though the possibility of kidnapping in the United States is slim, it’s not impossible. In certain parts of the world where there are terrorist groups that operate, kidnappings happen more often. If you are traveling to parts of the world that have dangerous areas, you might want to take in to consideration kidnapping insurance.

Targets for kidnappings are often representatives of companies and members of high profile families. Kidnappers sometimes target whole companies as well as target individuals.

Companies that are providing this type of insurance usually have security backing them up that offer more than just money if you were kidnapped. They will assist in negotiating the releasing of the person who got kidnapped while providing security for the members of the family. When a kidnapping occurs, the family members who are asked to pay for the ransom are in a lot of danger as well and need security.

Insurance companies will not provide the money for the ransom. Usually the ransom is covered by the family and could later be recovered through a claim, from your insurance company. A kidnapping insurance policy covers any associated costs and losses that you experienced and it includes life insurance. The provider of your insurance could offer you training on how to not become a victim of kidnapping.

People who travel for business often and also people who are from a wealthy family are more likely to get kidnapped and are in need of kidnapping insurance. Criminals see kidnapping as an quick and easy way to get money and sometimes it does work for them. When you have kidnapping insurance you will have the peace of mind knowing that there is a security team ready to get you released.

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services is ready to help you find a kidnapping insurance plan if you are fixing to travel to dangerous parts of the world. We have professionals ready to help you as you thinking about getting kidnapping insurance for you or a family member. Give us a call today!

Loss Control Insurance

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services currently provides loss prevention coverage to businesses in Sugar Land, Houston, Katy, Spring, Pearland, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas.

When you run a business, risk management and loss prevention are so important. You are required to provide a safe environment for your employees, being prepared for an accident if one of those steps to ensure the safety of your workplace.

We offer many different loss control services to keep the risks in your business to a minimum. Here are a few that we offer:

  • Customized loss prevention materials and risk management services
  • Safety program development
  • Safety training
  • And a lot more!

Industry Specific Services

We have your business covered. From technology services to healthcare practices, we offer industry- specific services to be just what your business needs. Our representatives are ready and trustworthy to prevent inherent risks that are involved with having a business.

Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information.

Marine Insurance

Your Business Never Sleeps, Protect it Every Step of the Way

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services currently provides marine insurance to businesses in Sugar Land, Houston, Katy, Spring, Pearland, The Woodlands, and surrounding areas.

Marine Insurance was created to offer coverage to both inland and ocean marine businesses. If your business transports property, you’ll want that cargo to have coverage the whole way. Marine coverage offers protection through the whole transportation process. Noltensmeyer Insurance Services is proud to service businesses of all sizes with all the protection they need to keep their business running the way it should.

Here are some of our options for marine insurance:

  • General liability
  • Loss control services
  • Property insurance
  • Umbrella coverage


Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information.










Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Protect Your Livelihood

For some people, their equipment is their livelihood. Without their equipment, it would be impossible to do their work and thus impossible to earn any money. Even for those who this is not entirely the case, machinery has become essential to a large number of trades, so a breakdown could cause a substantial loss of time and revenue.

What does Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Cover?

For people who fall into the category listed above, mechanical breakdown insurance is essential for protecting your business. This policy can cover lost income due to mechanical breakdown. Liability coverage is also an important aspect of mechanical breakdown insurance, since mechanical malfunctions could potentially lead to injuries. Working on property that is not your own can open you up to increased risk if your machinery malfunctions and causes damage or injury. There are a variety of insurance solutions that can be bundled with a mechanical breakdown insurance policy to provide the best coverage for your business’ needs. In addition to your needs being unique, different states have different insurance rules, so your business may require more or less coverage than a similar business in another state.

Working with machinery can introduce some complicated risks to your company, which is why it’s important to speak with an insurance specialist from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services to determine what’s best for your business. Contact us today using the “Get a Quote” button on this page to insure your business against the most costly risks.

Office Insurance

Your Office is Your Home Away from Home

Your office is your livelihood. It may contain your intellectual property, your equipment, and important documents. In the case of some disastrous event, you’ll want to make sure your office is covered to mitigate the risk of substantial loss due to reasons beyond your control.

Office Coverage Features

Each policy can be customized to fit the needs of each individual business owner, but these are the general aspects of an office insurance policy:

  • Commercial Real Estate Insurance: This covers the physical property and cost of business disruption. This aspect of the policy will cover the cost of repairs and replacements due to damage of the physical property and the cost of your business being interrupted.
  • Equipment Insurance: This aspect of the policy will cover the repair costs of equipment that may breakdown.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance: Losses incurred as a result of technology are covered under this policy. This includes software losses, the loss of customer information, external services, and data breaches.

Every company is different, so every company will have different needs. Some aspects of this policy may not be applicable to your business, and your business may require additional protections for your office space. An insurance specialist at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services can help you decide which policies are right for your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today using the “Get a Quote” button on this page for a free quote.

Product Liability Insurance

When you own a business, you are found liable for any product you sell or manufacture.. If someone gets hurt from using the product, you can be at fault.

When you request coverage from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we will figure out what the likelihood of a lawsuit being brought against you because of one of your products is. Our professionals can determine the risks associated with your services or products and accurately scale a policy that is enough to cover those risks. We can also offer you advice on how you could make your products less available to risks. This could be modifying your product, changing instructions or warnings, packaging it differently, etc. When it is done well, these precautions can help alleviate the company’s liability and stop the customers from using your products in unsafe ways.

Do I need Product Liability Insurance?

If your company sells or manufactures any kind of product, it’s extremely recommended that you have some kind liability coverage. Even if the product is  a “safe” product something could still malfunction and injure the user. Defending a lawsuit is typically expensive enough that many companies choose to just settle it out of the court. Product liability insurance can reimburse you for cost that occurred during a situation where you were held legally liable.

Don’t forget to continue to talk to your agent on a regular basis as your business expands. Larger businesses tend to have larger risks than those of smaller businesses. A plan that is enough for a small company probably won’t be enough for a large one.

What does Product Liability Insurance cover?

The main purpose of product liability insurance is to cover legal obligations of a company. This can include payments such as:

  • Court fees
  • Legal defense costs
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Personal injury award
  • And other fees that may occur during the above


If you know some of these things are missing from your policy, or you need a complete product liability coverage policy, talk to a Noltensmeyer Insurance Services representative or ask for a quote.

Professional Liability Insurance


Mistakes happen, we understand that here at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services. We are committed to helping you get a Professional Liability policy that is tailored to the everyday operations of your business should you be held legally liable.

What Does Professional Liability Cover?

It is important for your company to have general liability coverage for bodily injury. We recommend having Professional Liability Insurance in your business portfolio because it insures the entities and people of your business from claims of negligence from third parties or even sources on the inside.

Professional Liability can offer you a large variety of options, these are a few of those options are:

  • Directions and Officers Liability (D&O) – When you have financial protection for your business’s Directors and Officers you can prevent loss in the event that they were held liable for actions that were related to their corporate positions. This can include things from violations of the law and interest to mismanagement of the company’s assets.
  • Employment Practices Liability – Your business can be protected if a worker claims that his or hers rights were violated, if you have the correct insurance. Violations from discrimination to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA), wrongful termination, mismanagement of employee benefit plan, and sexual harassment.
  • Errors and Omissions Liability (E&O) – If your business charges fees for the services it provides, E&O can cover any mistakes made by your employees. It can cover things such as, violations of contracts or failure to perform. Your needs for insurance is dependant on your industry.
  • Fiduciary Liability – This covers claims that involve the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Having the right to protect your company is so important, if someone in your company were to violate the financial obligations of the ERISA and you were held liable in situations like failure to enroll employees or imprudent investments.


Get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information.

Shipping Insurance

Even though a product leaves your business to get shipped and you have no control of what happens to it in transportation, customers could still hold you liable for anything that goes wrong in transportation. Luckily there is shipping insurance to cover you if something were to go wrong.

What’s Covered?

This kind of insurance can reimburse you if something you shipped is lost, damaged or stolen while it’s making its way to it’s destination. If you are looking to ship a package, these were two big things you need to consider:

  • How much is it worth? A lot of shipping coverage has a pretty low maximum of what they’ll pay out. If you are shipping items that are have more value that what your cap is, you will want to purchase additional coverage so you won’t suffer loss for items that are worth more than your cap. If you choose to not declare the price of the item when it is shipped, you will still remain liable for the loss past the standard limit.
  • Is it already protected? There are a lot of packages that insured by the shipping company, but coverage isn’t universal and and is dependant on what kind of mail it is and who transports the package. When you’re shipping a package, you should familiarize yourself with the regulations of the company  you will be using to ship your items.

Domestic Shipping Insurance

Domestic shipping coverage is usually available for a low cost, for just a few dollars a package. If you are going to ship anything that surpasses what the standard protection that is normally provided, talk to one of our agents about how many parcels you’ll be shipping and they will help you find the rate that is what you need.

International Shipping Insurance

If a shipment is being mailed internationally, it is usually more expensive to insure, moreover if they’re passing through the hands of local carriers that don’t have as high of a reputation. Fees can vary quite drastically, due to many factors, it would be the most beneficial for you to get an estimate of cost before you ship the package.

If you have any questions or are ready to get the right insurance for your needs, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today!

Small Business Insurance


Small Business Coverage

Small Business Coverage is a necessity for many who need to protect the business that they’ve grown. Currently, we offer the following types of options:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: In the event that property that is owned by your business is damaged, commercial property insurance can cover it. This kind of coverage ranges from things like vandalism to even flooding.
  • General Liability Insurance: If your business suffers a loss such as a lawsuit, injury, destruction of property, etc, general liability insurance can help prevent large financial loss by covering it.
  • Home Based Insurance: People often own home-run business. If this is the type of business you own, your home insurance most likely doesn’t insure your business.
  • Product Liability Insurance: If your company sells products, chances are that you’re required to store the product. If this is the case, damage to the product is possible, which could cause a great loss.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: If you have a business that provides a service, you might be required to have professional liability insurance.

We also offer a wide variety of other business insurance, so get in contact with someone from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services to find out what you need, or use the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page for more information!

*Workers’ Compensation, Disability Insurance, and Unemployment Insurance are often required for small business.

Storage Insurance

Even if you put something in storage, the safety of it is still important to you. A majority of storage locations are safe, you always have the risk of something going wrong, from fires to thieves. Storage insurance can give you the peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, you’d be covered. This form of coverage is available for individuals as well as businesses.

If your business is using off-site storage locations to store equipment or inventory. Getting the right insurance for whatever you may have stored off site so if anything were to get damage, you’d be covered. Give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call to discuss what your business needs. The typical policy for storage insurance has a low limit, so if you store things that have a greater value, you will want a policy that is enough to provide coverage for any loss you may face.

Storage Insurance for Individuals

If you store items in a storage unit, whatever you store may face risks. Risks such as thieves, fire, mold and weather damage. You may not even know this if you don’t check on your belongings on a regular basis. When you get a storage policy, you can have the comfort of knowing, even if something awful were to occur, you will be able to get reimbursed for what was lost.

To figure out what storage insurance is best for you, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today! Our agents are ready to help you find the coverage you need to keep whatever you store safe.

Surety Bonds Insurance

As a business owner, your focus is to make sure your company is running smoothly everyday. There are circumstances that the welfare of your business may be in need of some extra attention to ensure it is running as it sound. We want to make sure you have the coverage to protect your business. Here at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, the surety bond we provide includes writing specific agreements so that you can guarantee the group requesting the bond that your business with follow its obligations.

The Variety of Surety Bonds

We can write many different kinds of Surety Bonds, here’s a few options:

  • Conservator Bonds
  • Contractor Bonds
  • Court Bonds
  • Fidelity Bonds
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Public Official
  • Sub-Division Bonds


There are a multitude of Surety products, so it’s very important to talk about your choices with a licensed professional bond agent. Noltensmeyer Insurance Services’ underwriting services are here to help meet the specific needs of your business, we are always ready to help you make sure your assets are completely protected. To keep your responsibilities of your business safe, contact a Bond specialist at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services today!

Technology Insurance

Cyber Liability, Property Insurance, and More

In today’s day and age, technology is the center of almost all modern industries, just like many growth areas, it faces particular risks. If you’re a large IT corporation or even a small business using just one computer, technology insurance can help you mitigate the risks and allow you to run your business with the utmost confidence. These are the things you need to know about this kind of coverage.

To start off, there isn’t one policy for all technology. Since the way technology is used throughout companies is very different, the risks are different as well. If there was just one policy for all technology, it would cost a lot more than you need. To keep it cost effective for you, we focus on the needs of your company and find a solution that fits what you need, so the cost can stay low and you can still have the protection you need.

To find out what kind of technology insurance you need, you need to talk to an agent so they can accurately find a solution for you. Here are some things to think about before you get on the phone with us:

  • Are you a user or a creator? Companies with users have to understand the possibility of their technological services shutting down without notice or being limited, while the companies that create software or technology are susceptible to lawsuits over the use of intellectual property.
  • How critical is technology to your operations? There are some businesses that could manage for days without a computer, and then there are some that the inability to use computers means they couldn’t do business, at all. If you are dependent on the use of technology, you should have enough coverage to replace the whole system if something were to go horribly wrong.
  • What kind of technology do you have? A lot of businesses these days are using a cloud-based system that could (but not in all situations) have insurance of its own to deal with technical problems due to the software. There are other business that manage with one computer for the whole company, Letting us know what kinds of technology you use will help us find you the right plan for your business.

There isn’t a way to 100% avoid risks when you use technology, but there is insurance to get the risks down to a totally manageable level.

Trailer Insurance

We know the importance of keeping our vehicles insured… However sometimes we forget that our car insurance doesn’t always extend past the bumper to whatever type of trailer you’re towing, this is why there’s trailer insurance, to bridge this gap.

When you’re a driver, you want to make sure you keep your vehicle and passengers safe. You can only do so much to stop a collision from occurring, if you have the right coverage plan, you can make sure you won’t be left paying out of pocket if something were to happen.

Trailers Covered By Insurance

The majority of trailers can be insured, no matter what they’re being used for. There are exceptions for that, but they are rare, it is usually just trailers that are too “high-risk” to insure. If you aren’t sure if your trailer is qualified for coverage, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today and ask for more information!

These are the trailer types that can usually be covered:

  • Bicycle trailers
  • Boat trailers
  • Camping trailers
  • Car trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Semi-trailers
  • And a lot more!!

What’s Covered

The majority of trailer insurance includes but doesn’t require, the following:

  • Collision Coverage: If your trailer gets damaged during a collision, this policy will help you cover the cost of repairs (no matter if you’re at fault or not).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This is the part of trailer insurance that deals with damages to your trailer. This covers many different damages from different things, such as severe weather, water damage, fire, and vandalism are some of the most common uses for this type of coverage.
  • Contents Coverage: If your trailer is used for carrying and storing personal items, this policy can assist replacing them if they were to get damaged, stolen, or destroyed. For massive shipments you might want to take into consideration cargo or freight insurance.
  • Liability Coverage: This kind of insurance covers the costs related to bodily injury or property damage done to others. Your current liability coverage may not extend to your trailer.. If it doesn’t you will have to separately purchase this or add it to your main coverage.


Please note that trailer insurance isn’t the same as commercial trailer insurance, that is is designed for vehicles being used for business purposes and covers a different list of liabilities.

If you need insurance for your trailer, give Noltensmeyer Insurance Services a call today to figure out what exactly you need. We’re ready to help you!

Transportation Insurance

Transportation Policy Features

Transportation insurance can cover a variety of business transportation needs. If you are in the business of transportation, you know how important it is to have your vehicles ready to run and protecting yourself from loss caused by natural disasters and accidents. No matter if your company’s main service is transporting or it’s just a minor part of your operations, you should invest in transportation insurance to protect that aspect of your operations.

From shipping items by air, road or sea, or if you’re in the towing business, you will need insurance for issues that cause problems for your business. There could be damages to what you’re shipping, even despite your effort to make sure they were properly packaged. Your vehicle could get in an accident, without any of the fault belonging to you. Even though your vehicle itself may be insured, this doesn’t ensure whatever is on the inside is safe.  Additional coverage is there to allow you to keep your business running smoothly even if something were to happen.

Give us a call today to figure out what type of transportation insurance you need. Noltensmeyer Insurance Services is ready to help you make sure you have exactly what you need.

Van Insurance

Van Insurance Features

There are many different forms of van insurance that offer different things depending on what it is you need. The Noltensmeyer Insurance Services agents specialize in many different forms of commercial insurance and will make sure to give you a quote that not only is cost effective for you but also provides the coverage your van needs.

The commercial auto coverage we offer for vans and hauling vehicles includes:

  • Collision coverage to cover damages you caused to your own vehicle (I.E. running into a tree, etc)
  • Comprehensive coverage to cover vehicle damage and theft from fire, glass, animals, failing objects, and some natural disasters.
  • Liability insurance to cover damage you caused others, whether it be to vehicles or property
  • Medical payment insurance to offer from limited coverage for injuries to you and others, including from funeral coverage.
  • Rental reimbursement to cover the costs of renting a vehicle if yours needs to stay in the shop following an accident.
  • Towing or roadside assistance to cover the cost of towing,a dead battery, changing tires, and other roadside repairs. This includes road service if you have a breakdown.
  • Umbrella policies are available that can increase the coverage you have over the typical liability limits.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage that offers you coverage if the other motorist involved in an accident doesn’t have insurance.
  • Other types of insurance can be added, like coverage for the tools in your van. The additions are usually pretty inexpensive.


Van insurance requires a insurance representative and a company that knows business insurance and commercial auto coverage. What you need is someone who knows the needs and requirements of companies that are dependant on their transportation needs in order to keep their business operating. Whether it’s insurance for a fleet or just one vehicle, call Noltensmeyer Insurance Services today and speak to a commercial auto professional for your options and quotes.

Workers Compensation



Protect Your Business’ Greatest Investment – Your Employees

At Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, we know that work-related accidents happen. A work-related accident can potentially leave your business with three costly expenses: lost work from being down an employee, the cost of paid leave while they recover, and medical expenses due to work injuries. With worker’s compensation, you can protect your business and your employees from work-related injuries. From small injuries to deaths, worker’s compensation can cover financial burdens such as medical expenses and the replacement of lost wages due to time off.

Without worker’s compensation, not only are you leaving your employees out to dry, you’re also exposing your business to some serious risks of litigation. An employee injured on the job could sue your company for damages, which will result in even more of a financial burden than the injury itself. Discuss your options with an insurance specialist from Noltensmeyer Insurance Services to protect your business, yourself, and your employees from the unfortunate accidents that plague our everyday lives.