Veterinary Office Insurance

Veterinary Office Insurance

Veterinary Office Insurance Features

When you’re a vet, you without a doubt take responsibility for animals and their owners very seriously. You’ve worked and worked to obtain the qualifications you need to be able to care for people’s animals. In the same way doctors that care for people do, you have to have insurance to cover your practice from the multitude of things that could go wrong.

If you own a veterinary business office, the veterinary insurance you need starts with getting coverage for you building and equipment from natural disasters, theft, fire, and general liability.

When you’re a veterinarian you need more than just protection for their office space, just like human medicine, you need a policy that has malpractice insurance as precaution for veterinary medicine events that go haywire. Very active staff can make mistakes or have accidents. An animal could struggle with an unforeseen event that you could not prevent. But you could still be held liable for this in court. Malpractice covers your business if someone were to make a mistake.

An area of concern for veterinarians is the option is some policies, “consent to settle”, this means veterinarians have to give approval in writing to settle in a case, even when it is the recommendation of the insurance company to settle. In certain cases, policies won’t provide coverage for lost expenses experienced in a lawsuit that was lost if the insurer had recommended to settle and you refused to, this is called a “hammer clause.”

On occasion business issues occur outside of legal matters in which a mistake or accident can occur that could open you up to liability. Like an animal being put in an area with other animals, causing the animal to get injured. Which would be a complete mistake can still cause your business to be liable.

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services is ready to completely explain to you all of your options as a veterinarian. We offer many different policies – policies for veterinarians that only work with small animals, or the equine field, and for ones that only work for offices or field work, respectively. Give us a call today! We’re ready to help you find the policy that is the perfect fit for you and get you covered in the way you need.