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Pharmacist Insurance

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Lawsuits involving healthcare are always a risk for those working in the medical field, pharmacist are no exception to this risk. A lot of pharmacist work for a big drug store chain or in an office, for either one of this situations, you need the proper coverage.

If you own the business, you need general business insurance (such as a BOP, a business owners’ policy, worker’s compensation insurance for employees, commercial property insurance for an office space, and liability coverage.

Liability coverage is available to cover accident at your business but it can also cover you against malpractice lawsuits. The fact that pharmaceuticals can have a lasting effect on peoples’ health makes pharmacists’’ liability more prevalent. The amount of risk in the pharmacy industry surpasses the risks of other businesses. You need to ensure you are protected if you or your employee were to make a mistake.

Insurance policies will cover the costs of defending your case if you get sued. A majority of policies will allow you deposition representation, and defendant expense coverage is also available for you. Every state has different rules, so check with the states where you offer service, because some policies cover your professional license. Talk to one of our agents if you have any questions. There are policies to cover you as an individual pharmacist and policies for businesses themselves. The Noltensmeyer Insurance Services agents are here to help you find the right coverage!

Get in touch with us today to figure out what kind of pharmacy insurance you need. Whether you are an individual within a large organization or you own the business, we are ready to help you find just what you need. Give us a call to make sure you have the best coverage to give yourself protection from the risks of operating a business.