Nursing Insurance

Nursing Insurance

Nursing Malpractice Insurance

When you’re a nurse, your nearness to your patients means you are under legal responsibility for them and what happens while they’re under your care even when you’re trying your hardest, disgruntled patients could hold you liable for problems that you couldn’t control.

Nursing insurance allows you to have the coverage that is far greater than what your work or school provides, it can provide protection from incidents that exceed or don’t fall under their policy. This means with nursing insurance you have the peace of mind and security, so you can perform your job confidently.

Here are some of the typical uses for this form of insurance:

  • Reimbursing patients for losses they may sustain while in your care
  • HIPPA fines or penalties
  • Lost wages
  • Defendant expenses
  • License expenses

Malpractice accusations have been increasing, especially as nurses have greater responsibilities. Which is why you should get an individual insurance plan. The protection plan given by your hospital or practice could very well not be enough to cover the cost of a malpractice suit.

Noltensmeyer Insurance Services wants to make sure you have the best coverage to protect yourself from malpractice suits. Get in touch with us and let us know what you do in the workplace, and what kinds of potential risks you face. We can help you find the coverage you need.  Different workplaces require nurses complete different tasks, you don’t have to pay for coverage on stuff that isn’t your responsibility.

You might need this kind of insurance even if you’re not a nurse. Even if you’re just performing tasks that are related to nursing, such as volunteering to care for others (with or without a license), talk to one of our agents to determine if you need nursing insurance.