Nursing Home Insurance

Nursing Home Insurance

Nursing Home Malpractice Insurance

If your nursing home isn’t properly safeguarded from potential risks you could face a multitude of charges. Nursing Home Insurance can allow you to be reimbursed for problems you had to pay out of pocket for.

A lot of nursing homes struggle with liability problems such as:

  • Failing to keep a facility safe: from managing patients with a tendency to violence to simple things like failing to remove to water from the floor, the employees of nursing home are required to keep facilities safe for all who are there.
  • Negligent hiring: even though most of the time nursing home employees truly have good intentions have good intentions, negligent hiring can occur. Employees could be neglecting or abusing nursing home patients, if this were to occur, the nursing home could be liable for this due to the fact they didn’t throughly screen employees. Requiring more training after hiring or even before their first day on the job, could alleviate this.
  • Negligent Supervision: the supervision of elderly patients is crucial, some patients even need to be monitored around the clock to eliminate self inflicted injury. Even if you were to walk away from the patient for mere minutes it would be long enough for them to injure themselves. Supervision doesn’t just mean watching the patient, it means constantly looking out for things that could cause them to slip or fall, things that would limit mobility or just other things that could cause issues, so you can fulfill your responsibility legally and to the patient.

Nursing Home Malpractice

Since a nursing home provides medical care it is under local and federal law regulation for the protection of patients. Care that is substandard makes harm to patients very likely, if this were to happen serious charges could be filed against the facility and the employee who was watching over the patient.   

Medical malpractice insurance can make crisis easier to manage, allowing  your facility the amount of time needed to make the improvements necessary to make sure these kinds of problems don’t occur again. The variety of care out there means there’s a lot of different risks, talk to a Noltensmeyer Insurance Services representative about what kind of care your nursing home offers to determine what kind of nursing home insurance you need. We will help you find a policy that meets what your nursing home needs.