Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance Features: Commercial Auto Insurance

Businesses that own and operate 3+ vehicles in it’s daily business routine may qualify for fleet insurance. This type of coverage is very similar to a commercial auto policy, it covers a lot of vehicles simultaneously, assisting you to get the required coverage for a reasonable cost.

Types of industries that fleet insurance is beneficial for:

  • Construction companies (even those that operate large vehicles such as bulldozers, etc)
  • Delivery services
  • Government agencies
  • Taxi Services
  • Vehicle rental companies

What Fleet Insurance Features : Commercial Auto Insurance

A big part of fleet insurance are commercial vehicle policies. They provide coverage for the vehicles for loss and damage. A majority of the time fleets that put a lot of their attention on services (i.e. locksmiths, handymen, and others of like professions) will be aware of the large discounts on their premium. The vehicles that are in use for retail work, being used for the delivery of flowers or food, typically see a medium reduction of their premium. Lastly, a company that ships massive quantities of products or people will see the smallest deduction, only because of the fact that damage in collisions is more prevalent. The standing average for incidents of that nature are around $20,000, due to the fact that flee drivers are likely on the road more than the usual individual, the chance for a collision is greater. This is the reason why having the right coverage through your insurance is priceless.

What’s Covered Under Fleet Insurance?

The biggest element of fleet insurance is the blanket coverage it provides for the employees and vehicles under it any employee will be covered while driving a fleet vehicle under insurance, unless they have been noted as being excluded from the policy. This is the most ideal option for companies that have many different drivers operating their fleet vehicles, it’s also great for companies that have vehicles out on the road constantly. Every fleet insurance policy through Noltensmeyer Insurance Services will meet or surpass the coverage required for commercial vehicles where you are.

If you are unsure about whether or not you’re vehicle is qualified to be covered by a fleet insurance policy (like if you have a vehicle that is owned by you but also used for company use), get in touch with a Noltensmeyer Insurance Services representative and they will help you find out if your vehicle qualifies.