Dental Practice Insurance

Dental Practice Insurance Dental Equipment Coverage

The dental industry isn’t small, in fact, it generates over $125 billion a year. Unfortunately, the large practice comes with the downside of large liability. As a dentist, it’s unbelievably easy to make a mistake which could cost more than you can afford to fix. From failing to operate on a patient properly to simply misfiling paperwork, the industry is open to a large list of liabilities. We do, however, offer many different options for dental practice insurance, including:

Substitute work for Dentists

It’s common for these policies to only cover a dentist working at a certain location, but if you often substitute or work in different locations, this allows you to be covered for wherever is convenient for you to be working.

High risk procedures

In the industry, some patients require high risk procedures, which aren’t always insured in basic dental practice insurance. Make sure you’re covered for the procedures you’ll be performing by contacting someone at Noltensmeyer Insurance Services.


Although most incorporate at some point, many fail to realize that a corporate malpractice policy is required. If a practice doesn’t have the coverage that it needs, it can be susceptible to large malpractice lawsuits which the insurance won’t cover.


Your equipment is often essential to your practice, but that also means it’s expensive. We can help with a risk assessment and help determine if additional coverage will be needed when you add new equipment to your practice.

Commercial Property Insurance

While Dental Practice Insurance is important, the location in which you work is an investment that should be protected too. Property damage is a quick way to halt your operations and can cause more problems if it’s extremely costly to replace or fix. Make sure you’re covered by getting in contact with Noltensmeyer Insurance Services or using the ‘Get a Quote’ button on this page.